Sabine McTannish - Ventrue

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“Don't feed me sorrow
Pain is a poison I digest”

Collective Soul - Where The River Flows
Sabine’s family opened a prominent department store in New York and she was the sole heir. Her husband married her for the store, then proceeded to run through the profits as fast as Sabine could make them. He also beat her and cheated on her quite indiscreetly with Valerie, his secretary.

One night Sabine was working late at the store when a Ventrue approached her and offered the embrace. She immediately accepted and proceeded to kill her husband. Sabine took Valerie as her lover and the woman agreed to raise Sabine’s son as her own.

Many years later, Sabine was sent to Phoenix with Abigail and Christian to investigate a mysterious illness that seemed only to affect Kindred. During the investigation, Sabine embraced a hunter named Francis, who disappeared and continued to hunt Kindred. Justice, the prince of Phoenix, gave Sabine six months to take care of the problem. After traveling into the past to retrieve a talisman Justice needed to put down a faery rebellion, the prince was a little more lenient with her.

Sabine has a penchant for pain and can only feed from those who are in it. She has been known to put herself into dangerous situations purely for the pain factor. Currently she is still living in Phoenix where she is hunting down the last of Francis’s childer and spending time with Christopher, Justice’s adopted sire.