Kiran Michaels - Bagheera

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“Tired of living like a blind man
I’m sick of sight without a sense of feeling”

Nickelback – How you Remind me
Kiran Michaels woke in a warehouse, more specifically in a pool of blood in a deserted warehouse, with no idea of how he had gotten there, what had happened to him. or for that matter, what he name was. Also in the warehouse were the remains of something that had once point been a man and another dead body, that one a woman.

Nothing was familiar to him. Not his surroundings, not the woman who lay so peacefully on the ground, not the truck that he found just outside where he had woke up.

Even though he was covered in blood, Kiran somehow managed to get away from the warehouse and cleaned up without being found by the police. By clues he found in the pockets of the jeans he had been wearing when he woke and in the truck, he quickly came to the assumption that he was in Montreal, Quebec and that he might have been traveling with a woman, maybe the dead one inside?

He found his name only by looking at the license that was located in a wallet he found in the back pocket of the jeans and by a stroke of pure luck he managed to confirm who he was when he contact his sister who lived in Mississippi by using good ole Ma Bell. Alison helped him to find a hotel room to lay low in until his younger brother, Ian, and baby sister, Peta, could arrive. Apparently the family had been out of contact with Kiran for a while and the two concerned siblings had been tracking him for some time and through many states.

In the middle of that first night Kiran was awakened by a beautiful, red-haired woman who was pounding on his door insistently in the early morning hours before dawn. She seemed to know him pretty well since she first slapped him, then kissed Kiran passionately. One thing led to another and they ended up sleeping together, even though he hadn't taken the time to get her name first.

It was this mysterious woman, Sarah Pearl, who told Kiran what he actually was, a werecat. He hadn't believed it at first. that was until he shifted into a big spotted panther in the middle hotel room the next morning after breakfast. Sarah also told him that she was a mage and that they had dated for about a year, until he had taken off without a word or goodbye to her.

In a short amount of time Kiran soon found out that while he had no memories of how he had gotten to Montreal, he was there for a purpose. There was a group of mages who lived in a chantry called Sky House that had been involved in a serious feud with a pack of werewolves who went by the name Red Moon Pack.

Kiran had come to the city to help end the feud, but he hadn't come alone. Vivian Waits had come with him and it was her body that he had found in the warehouse. What he hadn't known at the time was that she was more than just a traveling partner- she was his fiancée.

Torn between the knowledge that he had lost the woman he loved, but couldn't remember, and the woman who now shared his bed, Kiran has to quickly work to find a remedy to the situation before members of both sides find him out. His only help is Mia Quinn, a woman who had also infiltrated Sky House, but had somehow been poisoned and who now had lost her memory as well.

Thankfully Ian and Peta had arrived in record time and Kiran hopes that with their help he can help to figure out what's going on. At the same time he has to deal with the ghost of the woman that was the other half of his soul, one that he can only be with for a short time in his dreams, and the real woman who is now by his side.

Kiran found a second chance at happiness with Vivian's sister, Lily. He vowed to keep his new wife safe, even though she does her damnedest to get into dangerous situations trying to find the people who killed her sister.

The arrival of a new bloodsucker in town brought to light memories of a time he'd spent in Nashville, helping the vampires there take down a child slavery ring and taking out Duncan Masters.