Mia Waits - Verbena

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“And I cannot remember
What life was like through photographs
And trying to recreate images life gives us from the past
And sometimes its a sad song”

The Sun - Maroon 5
Mia Waits woke on a warm September night to find herself in bed covered with silky sheets and with a man that she didn't know in a room that she didn't recognize at all. She must have had a fever and the man was washing her down to try and bring the fever down. The herbs in the water worked, but the side effects also worked well, probably too well. Mia and the man, she later learned his name was Sloan, ended up tangled together in desire and passion.

She slept and woke with the remnants of a dream that plagues her every time she sleeps. It is a memory or a foretelling of things to come, whichever it is she does not understand when she wakes, but she keeps a journal of the dream and has learned that every time she sleeps there is a new piece of the dream added.

Mia found out that she was at Sky House Chantry, a place for like minded people to live, study and gather. She is a mage as are the people who live there or so the people there have told her. Mia figured out that she has amnesia and remembers nothing other than the dreams that she woke with, she wasn't even sure if the man in her bed was real. It too, seemed like a dream.

She quickly became friends with Burt, another mage at the chantry. She later found out that he was in love with her and had been for some time. They soon became lovers, probably too soon. Mia didn't know why she had turned him down before she lost her memory as he seemed to be a wonderful man. All of the info she was receiving was very confusing to her.

Within days Mia met a woman who told her that she had a family who loved her very much. She had a daughter and an ex husband. Through a series of unexpected events Mia met her ex husband at a casino in Montreal and the following day went to see him again and never returned to Sky House or the people there. He told her that what she'd heard about the feud between Sky House and the local werewolf pack was true. He also told her that she was with the mages more or less as a spy as he was with the werewolves. They were working towards bringing peace amongst the two groups.

After talking things through with Vaughn, the two remarried and had a second child. Unfortunately, not long after their son’s birth, Mia was killed during a battle in the Umbra to destroy the Mage who killed Burt, leaving Vaughn to raise their children alone.