Note: Some music contains explicit lyrics and is not meant for children under the age of seventeen.
Shades of Character Anna Montgomery - My Life Brenda: Songs of Faith and Devotion Carla Cordelone: Descent Christina: Season of the Witch Christina: Finding Faith Jason and Christina: Too Many Nights Alone Christina: Requiem for a Memory Tina: Lost Soul Tina: Lost Soul Christina: Get It Right Cormac: As You Wish Corrine: Finding My Way Corrine: End of Patience Dances-At-Twilight - The Midnight Hour Eliza: Lost Innocence Eliza: Lost Innocence Eliza: Searching for the Light Eliza: The Last Remaining light Eliza: Violence Fetish Eliza: No Regrets Estrea: Childe of Caine Isa: No Escape from the Shadows From Heaven to Hell and Back: The Jason Kline Story Jason Kline - And Back Again Jason Kline - And Back Again Lena: Come What May Logan: Living on the Edge Madelynne Walker: Always Madelynne Walker: Always The Corruption of Sarah Michael: Inside of Me Michael: Love of a Lifetime Nick Kennedy - Past It All Songs in the Key of Sabbat Salem: Out of the Ashes Samantha: Awakening The Corruption of Sarah Victoria: This Time Around