Anna Montgomery - Ventrue Ghoul

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“Sometimes we can choose the path we follow.
Sometimes our choices are made for us.
And sometimes we have no choice at all.”

Dream: Neil Gaiman - The quotable Sandman
Anna Brehmer was born in Memphis, the second of four children in a Catholic middle class home. She was a fair student, popular, and fell in love with Paul Martin. They were married right after graduation and moved to Nashville, where she started working at a bank, and he went to college to be a doctor.

They were happy for a while, even though Paul had definite ideas about how things should be. Once he graduated from college, he left her for another woman. Thankful that they’d never had children, Anna decided to go to college. Most of her family lived in Memphis, but her older brother Max moved to Nashville where he could keep an eye on her.

Anna moved into a loft downtown and started taking night classes. The bank she worked for picked up part of the tab for her education, and her family helped with the rest. Eventually Paul wanted her to take him back, but she turned him down and they became friends.

A few years after her divorce, Anna met Nathan Montgomery at Alexander’s. His friends accepted her quickly, and soon they spent nearly every night together. It took her a while to make him realize that he could be serious, but once she did, he never looked back.

Jax Alexander owned the place they’d met. She was a vampire, and Nathan was her ghoul. One night Anna was initiated into the family of ghouls and vampires that were Nathan’s friends. Max was furious, but it turned out that he was a ghoul too, to the Ventrue, and his clan had planned to ghoul Anna themselves.

Max got used to the idea of Anna being a Brujah ghoul, but he drew the line when their sister Sophie was about to be initiated into the family as well. She became a Ventrue ghoul just before Nathan and Anna got married, but shortly afterward was embraced by a Daughter of Cacophony. Not too much later, Max chose to become Ventrue.

Eventually another vampire decided that he had to have Anna and arranged Nathan’s death. Devastated, Anna went with him to Flint, and her brother Max went too. Many years later she learned that Ben had arranged Nathan’s demise, but somehow, Nathan had survived as a vampire and hated her for causing his death. Ben wrapped Anna in a cocoon of forgetfulness until Max rescued her.

Once the fog of Domination was lifted, Anna and Max returned to Nashville only to find Nathan waiting. Unfortunately, Ben was waiting for her too. The new prince of the city ruled that Anna was Brujah, and she became Nathan’s ghoul.

For several years she lived happy in Nashville. Then Connor, Ben's ghoul, set Nathan up for a murder he didn't commit. Several hunters killed Nathan, leaving Anna once again at the whim of fate. The prince gave her to Sebastian Ritter, the Sheriff of the city and his childe. Anna is struggling to find a place she can be happy, but it is very difficult when she has been taken from her family once again.