Ariel Espenosa - Daughter of Cacophony

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“So softly, so sweetly Surrounding you completely”

Concrete Blonde – Lullaby
Ariel grew up with her mother and brother in the Bronx. Her father left when she was quite young and her mother did the best she could raising two children alone. Ariel's brother headed into gangs and drugs, but Ariel tried to stay on the straight and narrow.

When Ariel was eighteen, her mother was killed in a drive by shooting. Even that wasn't enough to pull Jimmy from the gangs, and Ariel knew she had to walk away from him. She got a job singing at a small club in Greenwich Village where she moved in with a friend.

Ariel had always wanted a career in music, but she didn't have the 'dog eat dog' temperament her roommate insisted she needed for that kind of career. After she found her roommate in bed with her boyfriend, Ariel had to agree.

Then Vanessa Allen changed Ariel's life. She introduced her to the world of the Kindred, and offered her the embrace. Ariel agreed and said goodbye to her old life. She moved to Nashville with Vanessa and signed with a local recording company.

Ariel still lives in Nashville where spends most of her time writing music and performing at The Masquerade. Recently she began a romantic entanglement with Sebastian Ritter and Raleigh, his ghoul.