Bobby Lonetree - Fianna

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“Give a toast to the sun
Drink with the stars
Get thrown in the mix
And tossed out of bars.”

Kid Rock - Cowboy
Bobby was born into a hard life. His mother had been banished from her pack for mating with another Garou. He loved his older brother Paul, even though he’d been born with one leg several inches shorter than the other. Paul and Bobby were very close, helping each other when their mother went on drinking binges.

Eliza Gentry moved into their apartment building and more or less adopted the boys. She included them in her circle of friends and told them stories about what it was like to live with a werewolf pack, even though she wasn’t Garou herself.

Paul soon joined Eliza and Glenn Johnson in hunting Vampires. Mac Brennan helped with Bobby’s first kill when they were attacked walking Eliza home one night. When Paul was killed, Mac was the only one able to stop Bobby from letting the rage consume him.

After the raids killed most of the hunter group and his mother, Bobby stayed with Glenn. Together they killed vampires wherever they could find them. Bobby accepted Siofra when she married Glenn and joined their hunt.

Bobby had never lived in a normal werewolf pack, he considers Glenn and Siofra his pack. When they moved to Nashville a few years ago he met a very strong young woman that just happened to be kinfolk. When he learned she was pregnant, he decided to stop hunting and settle down.

Unfortunately, her family wasn't so accepting. Her father insisted that in order to be a real werewolf, Bobby had to hunt vampires. Bobby was torn. Did he stop hunting and raise his son, or keep hunting to make her father happy? For now he walks a fine line, hunting only when he has to, but it's only a matter of time before something gives way.