Glenn Johnson - Dreamspeaker

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ďThere's things I've done I can't erase.
Every night we fall from grace.Ē

Keep the Faith - Bon Jovi
Glennís mother was Abrianna Landry, a renowned seer and Dreamspeaker. When he was fifteen, she put events into motion that ensured his Awakening with the crow as his spirit guide and Avatar. Glenn spent the next five years training intensely under his mother, but he did not have the gift of divination that Abrianna was renown for.

Glenn had always known about his motherís second sight. He had also always known about the prophecy she had given about her own death, although she refused to let him learn the details until the day of her death.

Abrianna told her son that changes were coming, that creatures of the night would come and destroy her in hopes of negating her prophecies. She told him that he must allow it to happen, that events had to proceed as she had seen so that future events would occur as they must. He didnít understand, but he had no choice. The last thing she asked was that he avenge her death. He never saw her alive again.

Glenn took his motherís last words to heart. He hunted down the vampires that killed his mother and continued to hunt their kind. For a long time he hunted alone, not wanting to risk his friends. It wasnít until years later that he gathered other Dreamspeakers who felt the same way he did about the blood-sucking fiends.

Vengeance wasnít the only goal in Glennís life. When he settled down in Baltimore in the mid seventies, he began gathering those with supernatural abilities. His brownstone acted as a clearinghouse for those with preternatural gifts. He has a knack for finding recently awakened mages and finding them mentors to help them develop their medicine.

Glenn met Eliza Gentry in Baltimore. At first he thought she was just another tool of the monsters that stalk the night, but he soon realized she was not and took her in. He helped her get control over her rage and eventually she joined his group on the hunt, as did Paul and Bobby Lonetree, werewolves who lived in the apartment building Eliza had moved into.

When Mac Brennan came to Baltimore in 1978, he brought a box with him that held a message to Glenn from Abrianna. She told her son to stay close to Mac, to keep watch over him until destiny presented itself. Mac and Glenn became close friends, even blood brothers. Eventually, Mac joined the hunters too.

When the vampires killed or embraced the hunter group, Glenn, Bobby and Jared were the only survivors. After they destroyed all the fiends they could get to, the remaining hunters left town. Glenn and Bobby went to Ireland to tell Macís family of his death, but Glenn knew full well that Mac had been embraced.

Glenn and Siofra, Macís, younger sister dated off and on over the next few years. Siofraís drive to avenge her brother brought the two of them closer together, and they were married in 1991. Glenn, Siofra and Bobby have traveled from city to city hunting down vampires, never staying anywhere for more than five years.

When Glenn met up with Mac and Eliza in Nashville, he was forced to tell his wife and her family the truth about what happened to Mac in Baltimore, and deal with the fact that he couldnít destroy his friend, his brother. Glenn and Siofra have reevaluated their hatred of vampires, and have returned to his original mission in life: finding those who awaken unknowing and helping them find the teachers they need.

After Cormac was killed, Siofra and Glenn took care of Eliza as best they could. He was as surprised as anyone else that the ritual Siofra had done years ago ended up bringing her brothers back to life.

Now Glenn and Siofra have a set of twins in addition to their older son Ian. They've made a deal with the new Vampire prince of Nashville to lay off hunting, and are hoping to get on with their lives in peace.