Sebastian Ritter - Ventrue

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“See I’m a different kind of knight
You’re gonna find your fairy tales are lies
I don’t have a white horse
But you can come along for the ride”

Christian Kane – Different Kind of Knight
Sebastian Ritter is a native of West Berlin, Germany. He was born into the American section of the city, and joined the military during the 60s where he worked closely with American Soldiers, including Raleigh, who was stationed there in the US Air Force. They became very good friends and continued their friendship even after Raleigh was transferred elsewhere.

Tristan d’Casilla came to West Berlin in the late 1960s and met Sebastian shortly after the later left the military. They had much in common, and eventually Tristan offered Sebastian the embrace. Soon after he accepted, Sebastian tracked down Raleigh and asked him to be his ghoul. They both followed Tristan to America a year later.

In 1974 Sebastian was with his sire in Saint Louis when the Sabbat were trying to take over the city. Tristan was influential in the city's defense when Duncan Masters found Sebastian in a tight spot and helped him get out. After the rescue, Sebastian and Duncan were nearly inseparable, eventually leaving Raleigh relegated to minion. They lived from 1996 to 1999 in Flint with Sebastian's Grandsire, but Sebastian was called upon to rejoin his sire when Tristan decided to accept the invitation to come to Nashville.

Sebastian, Duncan and Raleigh went ahead to pave the way, and in the process they came across the Slayer, who Sebastian embraced at Duncan’s suggestion. They concealed this fact from everyone and with Lachlan Nash's help they concealed her identity.

With every passing year, Duncan managed to become closer and closer to Sebastian until the man virtually ruled his life. Eventually Raleigh realized that Sebastian was under thrall to Duncan and with the help of Kiran Michaels, a werecat, and Ariel Espenosa, a Daughter of Cacophony, took steps to correct the problem.

After his blood bond to Duncan was broken, Sebastian spent some time to clearing his head and repairing his relationship with Raleigh before finally making his move on Ariel. He and Raleigh are working hard to convince her that she is very important to both of them.