Siofra Johnson - Dreamspeaker

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“Yeah, sister don't cry
Sister don't cry no more.”

Collective Soul - Sister Don't Cry
Siofra was pampered by her family, and grew up knowing the truth about magic and werewolves. She believed she lived in a safe, happy world that would never change. She believed that pain and sorrow were things that happened to other people, never to her family. She believed that nothing was more important than having fun.

She met Glenn when he came home with her brother for a visit. At the time she didn’t think much of it, but then Mac died. Siofra changed much in the years following Mac’s death. She gave up having fun and focused all of her energies into studying magic. Her parents worried at the changes in their daughter. There was no joy left in Siofra, all of her energies went to finding a way to punish the creatures that had killed her brother.

Whenever Glenn visited the farm, Siofra made a point to spend time with him. At first she did it only to learn the names of the vampires that had been in the apartment the night her brother had died, but in time she grew to enjoy being with him. He was older than she by several years, but that only made him more stable, more reliable than any man she’d ever had an interest in before. Eventually they married and she joined him on his hunt to destroy vampires.

It took nearly ten years for Siofra to find the monster that had killed her brother, and almost five more to find a way to destroy him. While the cost of Dougal Galloway’s death weighed heavy on her soul, Siofra took comfort in the fact that her brother had finally been avenged.

Glenn, Siofra and Bobby traveled from city to city killing vampires, never staying anywhere for more than five years. When Mac and Eliza showed up in Nashville, Glenn finally admitted to his wife that he had been embraced, not killed in Baltimore. It took some time, but Siofra has made her peace with her brother, and the woman he loves. Glenn and Siofra had a child and began searching for those who awakened without a teacher.

When Cormac was killed, Siofra and Glenn took care of Eliza as best they could. She was as surprised as anyone else that the ritual she’d done years ago ended up bringing her brothers back to life.

Now Glenn and Siofra have a set of twins in addition to their older son Ian. They've made a deal with the new Vampire prince of Nashville to lay off hunting, and are hoping to get on with their lives in peace.