Jessie Casteel - Gangrel

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“And we'll both break down and we'll both break through
And we'll find our way to face the truth
We will both be stronger”

Faith Hill - Stronger
Jessie was raised in an upper middle class broken home with a neurotic mother. She liked the night because that was when her mother slept. Nocturnal animals fascinated her so it was only natural that she would decide to study them.

While at the University of Arizona she met Daniel, an African wildlife specialist who was filling in teaching for a semester while a friend was ill. Before he returned to Africa they were married. Jessie finished her schooling, traveling overseas on breaks to visit her husband. They had a good relationship in spite of, or maybe because of, the fact they were mostly apart.

After graduating with her Master's degree, Jessie received a grant from a rich rancher to study big cats on his property in Montana. While tracking a cougar one night, Jessie was attacked by a wolf. After a long chase, it pinned her on the ground and clamped its teeth on her throat. When Jessie continued to fight, it transformed into a man. She was so shocked that she drank the offered blood without protest. She never saw him again.

For years Jessie lived in Las Vegas where she did occasional freelance work for the local zoo and studied the local fauna outside of the city. She began working for the Tremere in an effort to find a way for Kindred to avoid releasing the beast within.

When her husband told her he was returning home for good, Jessie was torn between happiness and apprehension. She knew it would be hard for her to hide what she was for long, and she was right. However, she wasn’t the only one hiding things. Daniel had also gone through a recent transformation, into the ranks of the Immortals.

After Daniel was forced to kill his mentor to protect Jessie he told her if he saw her again he’d kill her. She fled to the Tremere, who helped her relocate to New Orleans. She left the house and all their belongings to Daniel, and got a divorce, hoping that would help him get on with his life. Unfortunately, she is having a difficult time getting on with hers.

Jessie spent a year alone in New Orleans before Daniel came looking for her. After a bit of trouble with the Giovanni, they were reunited and are working on rebuilding their relationship.