Erin Gallagher - Gangrel

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“Pretty little girl
Expensive little world”

Sheryl Crow – You’re An Original
Erin was born in Ireland, but her family came to America in the early 1900s. Her father opened a small grocery store, and was very proud of his legitimate business. Her mother’s family soon joined them in America, but her father did not approve of the ties they formed with the Irish Mafia.

Despite her father’s feelings, Erin and her Irish cousins spend a lot of time together. Erin is very flamboyant, and loves the attention of being in the spotlight. She designs and sews her own clothes, and has made friends in the fashion quarter of Manhattan.

One night while living the flapper life, Erin met Lucas Goodrich. They began dating, and eventually he confided that he was a vampire. For six months Erin was his ghoul, until politics in the city allowed him to embrace her. He also embraced Keelie and Leianna, her cousins.

After her embrace, Erin retained the natural pink coloring of a mortal. She isn’t one to finish a task for herself, preferring to get someone else to do it for her. She is very protective of Cameryn, the only cousin who remained mortal.