Keelie O'Mara - Gangrel

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“I hear the voices call
Following footsteps down the hall”

BBMak – Ghost Of You and Me
Keelie met Ryan through her brother Cameryn, who had become involved with the local Irish mob. They had similar backgrounds in that they were both from Ireland and had come to America at a young age.

After dating for about a year Ryan proposed to her and she immediately accepted. Their families liked both Ryan and Keelie very much and were thrilled when they found out about the engagement. It was a short engagement and a large traditional Irish wedding; their families spared no expense for their dream come true. The first year of their marriage was wonderful, but dangerous considering the line of work that they were in. Eventually they planned on getting out of it and moving so that they could start a family of their own, but that dream was short lived.

One night Ryan was to make a delivery alone, which was unusual but necessary. Keelie was very worried about it, but he assured her that he everything would be just fine. Unfortunately, he was wrong, he never returned. A few weeks later a strange man came to her door telling her that her husband was dead. Even now she remembers that moment as if it had just happened, but she can’t describe the man who had come to her door. Ryan’s body was never found, and Keelie still harbors hope that he is alive somewhere.

After Ryan’s disappearance, her sister Leianna and her cousin Erin moved in with her. When Kindred power in the city shifted a few month later, Erin brought a friend home who gave all three of the girls an opportunity to become something they’d never dreamed of; vampires. Keelie accepted in the hopes that her new existence would enable her to find out what had happened to her husband.

While the girls and Shank, a Gangrel Lucas was forced to adopt, had a bit of freedom at first, Lucas found out about Leianna’s relationship with a Ventrue confined them to the house. For nearly a year he kept them from confined, but once he presented them to the prince he had no choice but to let them have their freedom.