Leianna Kennedy - Gangrel

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“Why do you come here When you know I've got troubles enough?”

Joan Armatrading - The Weakness In Me
Leianna’s family moved to Hell’s Kitchen from Ireland when she was 9. Her parents opened up a bar that became a blind pig after prohibition started. Leianna was very impressed by the freedoms offered in America, and became very patriotic. She also became involved with women’s rights and the suffragette movement.

When their older brother Cameryn became involved in the local Irish Mob, Leianna and her sister Keelie did as well. Leianna eventually took over the bookkeeping for the mob, while Keelie was more involved with the bootlegging, especially after her marriage to Ryan. The girls also worked at their parent’s club to help out.

Leianna met Vincent Maitland at a suffragette rally and was immediately taken with him. They began dating and he proposed on her 19th birthday. Of course she accepted and they set the wedding date for a year later.

A few months before the wedding, Leianna met Luther Hammond at one of the clubs the girls frequented with their cousin Erin. Luther intrigued Leianna, and she began seeing him on the sly, not knowing that he was a vampire. Two weeks before her wedding, Luther convinced Leianna to call it off.

The family was very surprised when Leianna jilted Vincent, but she refused to explain. She began to stay out longer at night, causing her family to worry. Vincent didn’t want to let her go, and kept showing up at odd times looking for Leianna. When Keelie’s husband died, Leianna moved in with her both to help her sister out, and to get away from Vincent.

While Erin was something of a flapper, she was also the ghoul of a local Gangrel named Lucas Goodrich. When Kindred power in the city shifted, Lucas offered all three girls the embrace. Believing it would give her the advantage with Vincent, and improve her standing in Luther’s eyes, Leianna accepted.

When Luther found out that Leianna had been embraced Gangrel, he went into a rage. Thinking he was angry with her, Leianna explained to him what had happened. Quickly recovering himself, he told her he was angry with Lucas, not her, and that he still loved her.

While the girls and Shank, a Gangrel Lucas was forced to adopt, had a bit of freedom at first, Lucas found out about Leianna’s visit with Luther and confined them to the house. For nearly a year he kept them from confined, but once he presented them to the prince he had no choice but to let them have their freedom.

Unfortunately, Vincent hasn't forgotten her while she's been hidden away. He still interferes in her life, still wants her back.