Edward Blake - Ventrue

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“Some folks are born made to wave the flag
Ooh, they're red, white and blue
And when the band plays “Hail to the chief”
Ooh, they point the cannon at you”

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son

Edward Blake

Edward says he was born to a rich Texas cattle family in the mid fifties and inherited their fortune when they died. He invested it all and has become quite rich off the profits. Edward has a very good head for business and an easy to get along with ‘good old boy’ attitude, but can be very calculating when he has to be. Some of his investments are of questionable morale and ethic values, and he has a few different aliases that some of his ‘business’ associates know him by. Growing up in Texas and on a ranch, Ed is also very practiced with firearms.

Edward was embraced for his keen investment savvy, and shrewd, if not violent, business practices. He still has financial ties to many of the companies that he invested in the first place, and has interests in many kindred held businesses. But he is best known, at least among the right people, as ‘Death’s agent’.

Edward is the contact, and business representative, for a Kindred gunman of famed reputation based out of San Francisco. Very little is known about his client, other than he has been reported to be able to kill his marks from distances even Auspex wouldn’t let you see. And if you have the money and know of Edward, he can be hired to kill anyone, regardless of weather they are mortal or supernatural.

A little over a decade ago, Edward took a ghoul to help him keep his business organized and to give him someone to help work a crowd during parties. Emma Caulfield has filled her role in his life and business to perfection and many speculate they are more than just business partners.

A few people that know Edward have noticed that he seems to be hiding something, but he has dismissed their inquires with his usual charm.


Very few people can truthfully claim, for certain, that they have actually seen the man known as ‘Death’, and fewer yet know much more about him than his real name. Those who have worked with him will attest to a very serious and martial attitude towards everything, particularly a ‘hit’. They will also tell you that his favorite method of assassination is to kill the target from a reasonable distance and disappear, but that he is equally as deadly in closer situations.

Edward Blake is the man one needs to contact if they wish to hire McManus, and Edward handles all of his affairs with the party hiring him. His employers never actually see McManus. Edward also invests McManus’s money from the ‘hits’ in various endeavors and has made him a sizable profit off of them.

McManus will occasionally use Edward’s ghoul Emma to gather information on a mark or location, given that she is very talented in obtaining information that others would have a hard time getting.

Some have speculated that Edward and McManus share the same sire, as they are so closely tied to each others affairs, but Edward just laughs, and McManus won’t even respond to questions about it.