Emma Caulfield - Ventrue Ghoul

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“Forgive me father for I have sinned
I’ve been through hell and back again”

Van Halen – Mine All Mine
Emma claims she is from a wealthy family in Houston, and was raised to be the epitome of a southern lady. She has been married a few times prior to her ghouling.

Her first husband was killed in a hit and run accident on his way home from his mistress’s house when Emma was twenty six. Her second died suddenly of a massive heart attack on Emma’s twenty-ninth birthday. And her third was shot and killed in a botched bank robbery four years later. All were successful business men from the south. Emma was the soul beneficiary in all of their wills and on their life insurance policies. None of the marriages produced any children. The police questioned Emma in the last two incidents, but she was released within three hours of the interrogations starting.

Emma met Edward Blake over a decade ago when he approached her with an interesting job proposition. She accepted and was ghouled that night. The job was to help Edward run his affairs in an organized manner, be his business representative during the day, and to be a ‘trophy’ date to important business functions where she would use her feminine wiles to win over clients and gather information that might later prove useful. She has performed these functions and more with a knife edge precision that has made her a very rich, respected, and hated individual. Depends on who you are talking to.

Emma sometimes uses her skills to help Edward’s client McManus, an assassin, gather his information on his ‘marks’ as he calls them. Some think she is secretly drawn to him, even though she is typically seen on the arm of Edward.