Gitana Rachenco - Ravnos

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“We turn the wheel and break the chain. Put steel to steel and laugh at pain.”

Cher - Heart of Stone
Gitana was stolen from the reservation in 1898 when she was six and raised by a gypsy family that traveled through the mountains of Colorado, Montana and Idaho. She had a happy and loving childhood but was taught how to steal at a very early age.

When she was in her teens, Gitana became the lover of a very handsome young gypsy, who happened to be a Ravnos over two hundred years old. When they fell in love and she left her family’s caravan to begin traveling with his.

Shortly after her embrace her lover was killed when ranchers burned the caravans. Gitana was in one of the wagons, and was barely able to escape with her life. She never saw her lover’s body, but she knew in her heart that he was dead. Heartbroken and frenzied, she left the caravans and wreaked vengeance on the entire town killing everyone, even the children. She has not set foot back in Colorado since that happened in 1917.

She spent the next thirty years learning from Indians, then traveled on the edge of civilization picking up skills for a while until she could mingle with the settlers, around 1950. It was during this time that she ghouled Tasha, a bobcat, to help her survive in the wilderness.

To try and atone for murdering the children in Colorado, she has done her best to help children in need. She has dated a lot of men who had children. In the early sixties she met Sony who was a recent widower. She ghouled him and helped raise his child Chastity. They separated a few years later when she couldn’t settle down to living with a human.

Soon after that she moved to San Francisco, adopted a boy named Elijah Blue and embraced Dandelion. She lived in Frisco for a while, then she and Dandelion moved to OKC. She has used the city as a base of operations ever since, but is not often there. When she is, she uses her childe’s coffee shop to tell fortunes. The last few years she has stayed away from OKC, still a little disappointed with Dandelion for trying to start a clan war in Frisco.

She has a cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that she retreats to when civilization gets too much for her. She prefers a solitary life, although she is still in contact with Chastity, and returned to San Francisco a year or so ago when Sony died. Elijah has disappeared from sight, and Gitana is a bit worried about his welfare.