Jonas Beck - Ravnos

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“And now my hands cradle broken glass
Of what was everything”

Pearl Jam - Black
Jonas was an army brat who was moved from base to base to base. He was never really accepted by his peers. When he was fourteen, his father uncovered a smuggling plot and just as he was about to make the arrests, vampires attacked his home. Jonas freaked out and was unable to help while his sister was raped and killed in front of him.

Jonas spent many years learning about computers and explosives. He began searching for her killers, and made friends with a woman who seemed to know a lot about vampires. Turns out she was one. Eventually he accepted Mercedes' offer of the embrace and spends every night searching for his sister's killers. He was able to find two of them in Flint a few years ago, but there is still one more out there.

He believes that his father's investigation into the smugglers is tied to the vampire attack on their home, but so far he has been unable to prove anything.

In Flint, Jonas caught up with one of the men who had invaded his home. There were some difficulties, but he managed to take the guy out.