Natasha Tennison - Ravnos

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“Under wandering stars I've grown By myself but not alone”

Metallica - Wherever I May Roam
Natasha is a Ravnos who lives in San Francisco. Alexander, a jewel thief, embraced her in 1951. He taught her English and how to steal. He also gave her a samdgi to protect her from danger. Eventually Natasha traveled throughout southern California and Northern Mexico, working on her thieving techniques.

Natasha remembers nothing from before her embrace. She is constantly searching for information about herself, and one night she saw a man at a party that she was sure she knew. She saw him several times over the years, but has never been able to get close enough to talk to him or even get a real good look at him.

She has had several dreams over the years that have felt like memories. From these dreams she has learned that her family was from Romania but they came to America before she was born. She also remembers that they were a poor family, not well liked by the locals anywhere that they lived. Natasha also remembers her mothers death, and her own vow to live for someone named Anton and Nikoli.