Lisette Sinclair - Brujah

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“If I'm dealing with the Devil, its because sometimes the devil's the only one open for business.”

Nikita - New Regime
Lisette was born in Paris in 1349 and married young to Elliot, a hard working farmer. They lived just outside Paris and had two children Henri and Cecile. The entire family except Lisette contracted the Black Plague. She watched her children die and her husband was on the verge of death when a strange man presented himself to her. He offered the embrace and she accepted willingly, unable to bear the death around her any longer.

Before they left the house, Roland, her sire, gave her husband just enough of his blood to ease him into death. Instead, it allowed him to overcome the plague and he spent years searching for his wife and the stranger who had taken her away from their small farm.

Lisette is currently involved with Gabriel Lermontant, a prominent Brujah in Paris. Lisette herself is one of the four Brujah elders in the city and is quite active in the sex trade in the city.