Robert Strong - Cult of Ecstasy

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“The freakiest show I know is the show of my own Living my life in and out of the Twilight Zone”

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Nobody Weird Like Me
Robert never got along with his father and only tolerated him to watch over his little sister, Christina. Their mother was a mage, but their father Roger belonged to the Society of Leopold and was directly responsible for her death.

Roger knew his son was a mage, and eventually he knew he had to take care of him. Telling himself that he didn’t want Robert to pass on his evil to Christina, Roger called upon other members of the Society and tried to kill Robert on Mt. Helena. He believed he succeeded.

In reality, Robert and his girlfriend were able to escape. They settled down in Paris Robert joined the business community. While Christina had no idea that Robert had survived, for years he kept a close eye on her. He lost track of her a few years ago when she was in Moscow, but when a friend called to tell him she was on her way to Paris Robert made sure to meet her at the airport. When he learned that she also knew Lena Stockton, he flew with her to Austria to help rescue his friend.

Robert visited his sister often in Salem, and he is happy that she has found happiness with Jason Kline, her husband. He was concerned that Christina had contact with Roger since her embrace, but he didn’t realize that their father wasn’t the one she had to be careful of.