Memorable Character Quotes

Memorable Character Quotes Stuff

Everyone trusts a child.
- Lucy Reynolds on her youthful appearance

There's a what in my city?! And you haven't killed it yet?! 
- Elvira Van Dorn, Tremere prince of Salem, on Lasombra.

Lots o' changes.
- Lord Bruce Blackwell recently risen from nearly 1000 years of torpor

...with the Northstar System. 
- Sabine McTannish, a Ventrue who is obsessive about her rental car

Can I brush your hair?
- Christian Randall being particularly irritating

You're a halfy!?!
- Michaela Hannigan, looking at her twin sister Cara who had just ingested Kindred vitae

- Dan DeLano looking quickly over his shoulder to converse with himself

Exit, stage left even.
- All players at one time or another

Ravnos, Gangrel, Assamite, ::dramatic pause, grin:: And you're a Toreador.
- Dan pointing at player characters in turn

- Sabine at an opportune time

Christina Strong: I love you!
Jason Kline: You'll get over it.
- A relationship going nowhere fast.

Do you hang up or just say click?
- Brad OOC being particularly annoying at the end of every in-character phone conversation.

Get off my back, Lady!
- Cormac Brennan to Christina, who is particularly fond of her 1966 Mustang convertible

You can try.
- All players at one time or another

Not at the table.
- Cormac raising a hand to his forehead at Christina and Jason's show of affection

Make a fist, reach way back, and assert yourself.
- Stephen Brennan, Stargazer in Crinos form, showing Christina how to punch the wall without breaking her hand

Vampire, vampire, vampire... and that's a werewolf!
- Alternate Rafe Brown, correctly identifying everyone in the room

Mind the bloodstains and the bitch in the chair.
- Cormac on the mess he made in the alternate Jester's

Christina: Nina, you believe!
Nina Rodriguez: No, but I have an idea.
- Discussing girl stuff. You know, guns

Jason: But... aren't you Tremere? Isn't there some kind of chant you can do with a dead chicken or something to break it?
Christina: Dead chickens? Jason, really.
- Discussing blood bonds

Helen: Sanctimoniousness.
Brad: Bullshit
- OOC banter

Shit! I gotta change my suit again.
- Adam White on bloodstains

It's what I do.
- Paul Racine on killing

You're a fucking vampire, don't you get it?
- Eliza Gentry to Cormac, her undead ex-lover

Spekenze Gangrellish?
- Jason simply doesn't understand Christina

Christina: Blood of a chicken?
Robert Strong: No, thatís a Verbena ritual.
Christina: I knew there was something.

Oh, you want to kill this.
- Brad gives OOC advice to a Tremere on Salubri

As you wish.
- Cormac, being particularly irritating, as usual.

The way to combat multiple opponents is to pick one and kill it. Repeat as necessary.
- Aaron's Out of Character combat advice

Jackie: (OOC introducing her character and showing a picture of Courtney Cox Arquette in next to nothing) ...and this is what I look like.
Brad: (Her OOC husband and IC lover) Only with more clothes.

Aaron (OOC playing David, a sharpshooter): Yea; though I walk through the valley of the shadow of George, I shall feel no evil, for I rolled 20 dice for damage.

How ya doin'?
- Warchild establishes rapport

Warchild: His pig sticker's bigger than mine.
Talon Graves: Sounds like genetics to me.
- Gangrel on Weapons

Estrea Moreno: Are you absolutely insane?!?
Logan Servantez: What?
- Interrupting a ritual is apparently a bad thing

Talon: How's it goin'?
Logan: Other than the exploding car and the empty chantry, it's okay when I'm not being shot at.
Talon: Welcome to LA.

Logan: What do you want?!
Warchild: You, me, and a jar of peanut butter.
- We all have needs

The safe is not impressed.
- Aaron's OOC comment on a failed attempt to open a safe

Petor Andrews: Are you a vampire?
Christina: Is this going to affect our relationship?

Logan: I'm locked in a trunk and I don't like it.
Warchild: Ooh, whatcha wearing?

Estrea: Problem?
Logan: There was a werewolf.
- Which explains why she came back so quickly

Estrea: Where did you get the truck?
Jonathan Taylor: Over the river and through the woods.

Gitana Rachenco: Good shot, Ed.
Edward Blake: Edward.

Rabbit (the child personality of Mary Summerfield): Daddy, Mr. Sandinista doesn't look happy that we have something to eat.
Faethor Manolescu: That is because he is boorish and uncultured.
Rabbit: Mr. Sandinista, you are boorish and uncultured.

Faethor: Why were you mean to Rabbit?
Jaya Indumatti: She wouldn't shut up. Have you ever been in a car with a five year old who wouldn't shut up?
Faethor: You can't be mean to Rabbit, she's fragile.

Sister Mary Elizabeth Magdalene Margaret Saraphena (nun personality of Mary): Will someone kick the Brujah?

Faethor: What's the password?
Alexander Ramsey: Death and Destruction

Nathan Cruz: If we can take care of the Attention Deficit Disorder the Toreador have...

Doran: Did you talk to the animals?
Sajah Al Zarqa': Yes
Doran: Next time pick something faster.
- apparently raccoons don't race

Frasier: Thatís not Christina
Brenda: Obviously, sheís not a vampire, and I donít think Christina has a penchant for talking to walls.

Brenda: Itís a faery!
Frasier: Itís gay?

So, you've lost your sister.
- everyone in Detroit to Brenda on Christina's disappearance.

Jason: It's just her body.
Frasier: Yeah, and I'm her bodyguard.

Cathy (OOC): Arenít you supposed to be on the couch?
Natalie (Totally IN character): Ah... picture!
- She's only two, but someday she'll play a damn good Toreador

Brad (Storyteller OOC): We donít have time to do the fight.
Helen: Canít you gloss it?
Brad: Jason gets his ass kicked.
John (Jason's player): We ainít glossing.

One of them definitely isnít... cause heís got a tan?
- Gavin the Bellhop explaining how he knows Cameryn's not a vampire.

Cameryn Kennedy: What is this, the Spanish inquisition?
Keelie O'Mara: No, the Irish.
- Which explains the accent.

Logan: Heís a cop.
Warchild: He bleeds just like everyone else.
- Teaching her the value of a good meal.

Angry man in crowd: You cheated!
Logan: Iím five-four. How can I cheat?
- Could be the fact that sheís a vampire helped her win the fight.

Warchild on seeing Sean: So whoís the new toy?
- Logan made friends while he was away.

Logan: Is there a problem?
Warchild: Not if he can keep up with us.
Logan: Oh, he can keep up.
Warchild: With us.
- Mars and Venus discussing the new boy-toy.

Keelie: That might cause a stir
Brad Grumbly: People will talk.
- Tremere donít really hang with Gangrel much. Well, unless youíre Tina.

Lucas Goodrich: I donít know if I can trust them to their own devices. Theyíd probably go throw silver coins at a werewolf.
Erin Gallagher: Is that bad?
- Thatís sort of the point.

Caitlin (OOC): Did he lick you again?
- She knows that Brad has a unique way with people.

Keelie: It went okay, the big bad is dead.
Lucas: Who gets credit for that?
Leianna Kennedy: Detective Waters.
Lucas: Who?
Keelie: A cop.
Lucas: Iím pretty sure the Masquerade was something I taught you aboutÖ

Leianna: We didnít tell him anything, he doesnít know what we are. Although, heís a faery.
Lucas: So are some of Erinís friends.

Sean Jensen: Loganís missing, she was shoved into a trunk, and you know she hates that.
Warchild: What was she wearing?
Sean: A bathing suit and shorts.
Warchild: Did she have any peanut butter?
- The boy just doesnít get itÖ

Sean: Logan wasnít actually armed either.
Warchild: Donít fool yourself, boy. Sheís always armed, I should know.
- And he still doesnít get itÖ

Logan: Youíre not my sire.
Jeremy: But I could be so much more.
Logan: Youíd never be Warchild.
- Ainít that the truth. But then again, whoíd want to be?

Cathy (OOC playing Heather McLauren): Iíd be growing more and more miserable as the night progressed, trying to keep my eye on any way I can escape.
Jackie (OOC Storyteller): Your misery is duly noted by all and thusly dismissed.

Jackie (OOC as Madelynne trying to get into the Sanctuary): Does my heaving cleavage help?

Madelynne (upset about Frasierís recent fit): Heís like this because you cater to his every whim.
Tina Andrews: I donít cater to his whims. If I catered to his whims Iíd be sleeping with him.
- Of course, Scott had to agree.

Tina: Iím sorry I was a bullheaded bitch and didnít listen.
Petor: Donít apologize on my account just because I was right.

Malcolm Reynolds: I could have come in, just taken you hostage, and done it, but I thought Iíd give you the choice, I am the living embodiment of the Verbena art, you know.
Tina to Madelynne: Sounds a little like Brenda, doesnít he?
Madelynne: Just that one time.

Tina: I donít want my memory back. I donít want to wake up and go ĎOh god, what am I doing here? I should be in Salem, wearing Gucci and having tea with Brenda!í
- gee, was that her out loud voice?

Jackie (OOC playing Anna Montgomery, who just killed a man): But... but... all I did was hit him.
Cathy (OOC Storyteller): Yeah, but you hit him very hard.

Heather (batting her eyes and flirting shamelessly with her fiancť): Two hours to dawn, whatever will we do with ourselves?
- Games Brujah Play

Jared Smith to Corrine: What have you learned from this, other than that secrets make Eliza twitchy?

Siofra: Watch your step, you donít want to be taking that home.
Corrine: Thatís gotta be oneó
Siofra: óbig dog. Princess will need a bath
- Dreamspeakers on dog poop.

Glenn Johnson: Next time Iíll have to do with Siofra what you did with Eliza.
Mac: Cover yourself in Wench-Be-Gone?
- Some men just donít appreciate a good come on from white trash.

Mac: Itís my destiny, damn it.
- so now he believesÖ.

Anídaril (crone aspect of the Fates): It wonít work.
Siofra: Arenít you just a bowl full of negativity?

Taeynd Bloodmark: Youíve been a bad boy.
Mac: I needed some way to get your attention.
Taeynd: You need not have gone so far.
- so he killed a few of the black guardÖ

Taeynd: I suppose next weíll be bartering for my surrender.
Mac: Perhaps in time, the dayís early yet.
- Gee, I thought he was the captiveÖ

Mac: Perhaps the choice would be more easily made if there were a change of scenery.
Taeynd: Would you like a window?
Mac: Window, carpet, fireplace, tableÖ wait staff.
- They must treat captives nicer than I rememberÖ

Mac, concerned about his wife who is unconscious and bleeding in another cell: Perhaps as an act of good faith you would alleviate some of her wounds.
Taeynd: As an act of good faith I havenít killed her already.

Mac: Donít come to the castle.
Siofra: What do you want me to do, turn around and go back?
Mac: Yes. Iím going to get everyone else released.
Siofra: Okay. See you in 10 minutes.
Mac after she closes the mental connection: Yep, sheís a Brennan.

Glenn, Iíve got Mac on the line.
- Siofra, after creating a three way mind link

Siofra: Behave.
Glenn, locked in a cell: What else am I supposed to do? Run screaming down the hall killing the black guard? Oh, wait, that was Mac.

Mac: Iím a little startled. Of course thereís no way I can stay here, thereís no privacy.
Guard: No, I understand. Weíll have to talk to Taeynd about moving you to another room.
Mac: Do you really think you should bother her with such trivial affairs as this? The door fell off. Do you really think she wants to hear that her castle, her stronghold, is falling apart at the seams? I think not.
Another Guard: Heís right, we should just move him next door.
- And yet heís STILL a captiveÖ

Siofra on Mac checking Eliza for injuries: I fixed her.
Mac: I highly doubt that.

Corrine: Is there any way we can take away her ability to do magic without killing her? Letís look at this; justice would be to leave her with no ability to control these people like sheís been doing. Wouldnít that be the ultimate revenge instead of just killing her?
Ashrem den Mos: No, she has to die. If you canít stomach it, turn your back.

Iím not likely to die of cancer, and personally Iím all for that low birth weight thing.
- Eliza on smoking while pregnant.

Vaughn Waits: Then you went to college
Mia Waits: I did? For what?
Vaughn: Liberal arts.
Mia: That doesnít get you far in the world does it? No wonder I played the lotto.

Kiran Michaels (looking confused because of the voices in his head): Vivian, is that you?
Sarah Pearl (talking over the voice in his head): Whatís going on?
Kiran (taking Sarahís hand and motioning her to wait a minute): What was that?
Vivian Waits (ghost) causes Sarahís beer to spill into her lap, of course no one sees a thing.
Kiran: That was rude, Vivian. You know I canít remember anything.

Kiran (completely shit-faced drunk): But I won us some money!
Peta Michaels, Kiranís sister: Did ya? Can I have it?
Kiran: Iím not that drunk, darliní.

Brad OOC as Storyteller: How do you pronounce your last name?
Helen OOC as Isa: Quintinilla
Brad as the Frenchman: Isa...

Lily Waits: I wish that I could tear tings apart. Donít you think I wish that? But I canít so Iím going to do anything else that I can and none of you are going to stop me. I know that you may not like it, but thatís just the way it is.

Iím not stuck up, but dude, someone needs to work on their people skills
- Isa, upon meeting Scott

Tina: I could be spending these five minutes getting more weapons.
Madelynne: You got them all.
Tina: Just the ones from my room.

Madelynne: What is your position with the prince?
Isa: the prince has been kind enough to give me sanctuary within his city; therefore I cultivate a friendship with him, and give him information.
Tina: How come she gets sanctuary, and I get the Tremere on my ass?

Dougal Galloway: I hate it when the Brujah play nice. It makes it harder for me to get permission to kill them.

Carla Cordelone, on cell phones: The good thing about being a vampire is when you have unlimited nights and weekendsÖ

Jacob: The rain talked to me.
- Apparently the Messengers have inventive ways of communicating...

Anne: I feel like if I donít do something Iím letting Matt down.
Jacob: You donít think that getting yourself killed will be letting him down?

Cathy (Tinaís player OOC regarding the Tremere Primogen who wonít take no for an answer): It probably wouldnít be a good idea to pop claws and threaten her.
Brad (storyteller): Not unless youíd like to be remade on the molecular level.

Cathy OOC after Tina was a bitch to Brenda: I guess you're right. Tina's turning into Brenda. She should be shot. Oh, wait, she was, by Brenda.
Brad OOC: A) Not that she remembers that. B) That's my line. :-p~

Cathy, storyteller: You realize you can't have everyone in your pocket. People would get suspicious.
Brad, shooting for the moon: Not if they are all in my pocket they won't.

Helen, storyteller: Michael will slow down to draw things out a little but thereís only so much he can do.
Cathy OOC: Slow down? Weíre outmanned, outgunned, outclassed, with a pissed off Gangrel and a possessed mage. Speed the f*ck up!

Helen (OOC storyteller): I just hope she doesnít do something stupid.
Cathy (OOC player): Of course sheís going to do something stupid. Sheís my character.