Aiden Cavanaugh - Witch

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“I don't believe in love I believe in fucking. It's honest... it's efficient, you get in and out with a maximum amount of pleasure and a minimum amount of bullshit.”

Queer as Folk - Episode 101
Aiden grew up in an abusive home in the rural outskirts of Boston, Mass. His father was an alcoholic with a typical Irish temper who used Aiden as a punching bag on a regular basis. Aiden's mother never tried to stop the beatings because she too lived in fear of her husband and what he was capable of. Instead, she turned to the church since she was a strict Catholic and never considered of divorce… things like that just didn't happen in her world.

Aiden has a younger twin sister, Kathleen Shannon, who is the only family member that he maintains contact with as an adult. Kathleen was Aiden's best friend growing up, even though they were both very popular in school. Around age 5 the siblings developed special 'gifts' that they never told anyone about because they were worried about what their parents would say. Instead they practiced their abilities in secret. Kathleen's never developed beyond a slight ability to foretell the future in dreams, but Aiden's continued to grow as he did. Neither of them remained practicing Catholics once they were on their own. Aiden thought that the church was a ridiculous notion that most people hid behind. He never heard of Wicca until college when he met the others.

Luckily, Aiden managed to keep Dad from beating Kathleen too much, but there were times when there was nothing he could do to stop his father. He realized he was gay in middle school mostly because he was never interested in girls beyond friendship and never tried to check out his sister's friends when they stayed over. He did know that he liked checking out the guys in the shower as he got in junior high, though.

Aiden's father called him a fairy from a young age as a derogatory put down. As his son grew and showed no interest in dating or girls, Daniel began to wonder if Aiden was in fact a fairy and the name took on new meaning even though he never discussed his thoughts with his son. Aiden told his sister he was gay first, when she was pushing him to take a friend of hers to the 8th grade grad dance. She supported him like always and Aiden started to experiment in his newly declared sexuality, having his first encounter that summer before he entered high school.

Aiden played football and ran track in high school and received a full ride to NYU where he studied Advertising. Both he and Kathleen continued to be very popular in high school, Aiden's natural frankness tended to make him seem mysterious to most students and therefore drew people to him instead of keeping them away.

He is very casual about sex and the fact that he likes having it. He never sleeps with a trick more than once, unless they are phenomenal, but that rarely happens. He isn't interested in having a relationship, having been totally put off on the idea because of his parents. There is one man that Aiden has seen more than once and his name is Sean Henderson. They are by no means serious, but they hook up often. Sean is a chef at an upscale restaurant in Sacramento and they met at a club one night.

Kathleen is now married and has her own family, a husband and two kids that live in Tucson, Arizona. She works for the HRC and her husband in a morning show DJ. Aiden talks to her every few days when not on a mission and whenever possible while on missions. She has been told that he works in advertising and has to travel a great deal. He doesn't let her come visit him… he goes to see her whenever possible.