Evelyn Nolan - Witch

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“And I’ll take that chance ‘cause I just wanna breathe
And I won’t look back and wonder how it’s supposed to be”

Michelle Branch - Empty Handed
Evelyn Nolan was born and raised on the water. Her father was a Marine Biologist, and when she was nine they settled on the Kona coast of the island of Hawaii. Her mother bought a gift shop, and most of the family has worked there at one time or another.

Eve has an older brother, Ben, who owns a tour boat business in LA. He is a bit overprotective, but somehow Eve manages to keep him at arms length. Their younger sister Missy, who is flighty and undependable, goes to school in San Francisco.

She once had a twin brother, Eric, and they were very close, but unfortunately he died in a tragic surfing accident just weeks before their high school graduation. The waves had been getting steadily rougher all day, and Eric had gone into the water for one last shot. Eve and their friends tried to warn him, but he wouldn't listen, and drowned.

Instead of attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa as planned, the tragedy of her brother's death drove Eve far away from home to NYU. She met Jaidyn Morales in English 101. Eve had developed the power to freeze time shortly after her brother's death but had difficulties controlling it. When Jaidyn saw Eve accidentally use her power to freeze time, she confessed that she had been a witch for years and offered to teach Eve about Wicca and magic.

Eve majored in Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology. She met Shane Trent during her second year, and the two were very serious for a time. He graduated the year before she did and left to join the DEA. They grew apart and eventually lost touch.

Shortly after moving to Sacramento for her job with the government, Eve discovered that Shane had also relocated to the West Coast and was now working as an undercover agent. While neither of them had the time or the inclination for the serious love affair they once had, they have agreed on an open relationship that allows them to date each other and see other people, if they choose.