Jaidyn Morales - Witch

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“I only smile in the dark
My only comfort is the night gone black”

Garbage – Only Happy When it Rains
Jaidyn was the fourth child born to Eduardo and Maria Morales. She had three older siblings and one younger. All of their children were precious and meant the world to them, not to say that they were lax in the rules and let their children run free and do as they pleased.

Eduardo and Maria made their home in New York City, in a small neighborhood on a block where everyone knew each other and most were of Hispanic decent, and because of this the Morales children grew up speaking Spanish everywhere but school and church. As Jaidyn grew older she found that there were other religions out there, and while her family was Catholic they allowed the children to explore the other religions in the world around them. For Jaidyn it was Wicca which caught her attention.

At first it was just wanting to be able to read peoples minds, tell the future and being able to cast spells that sounded fun and exciting. As she read and explored the religion more and more she realized that it was about so much more than that and it opened her eyes to things around her more than ever. Jaidyn never neglected her Catholic religion, but soon it was like she had two religions as opposed to just the one.

Jaidyn had a somewhat limited social life because of her father's strict no dating in high school rules for his children. Boys were not a priority in Jaidyn's life, she wanted to go to college, get a degree and a good job. It wasn't until the second year of college that she had her first real boyfriend. They were both ambitious and driven, both were determined to get somewhere in life. Of course, this meant that they had little quality time to spend together. They broke up shortly after Jaidyn and her coven finished school.