Brenda Thompson Brown - Tremere

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“Sister of night when the hunger descends
And your body's afire
An inferno that never ends,
an eternal flame
That burns in desire's name.”

Depeche Mode - Sister of Night
Brenda is a Las Vegas native who was introduced to the world of darkness by Michael Moorecock. She was his ghoul for nearly a year until Antonio Moreno received permission to offer her the embrace. Michael couldn't handle her being Kindred and withdrew completely from her life. She moved to Salem where she was able to spread her wings with the support of Elvira Van Dorn, the prince, and Micky George, another Tremere in the city.

Shortly after her arrival in Salem, Brenda helped the Black Rose Coven raise a Lasombra who had been sleeping in the priestess' garden for centuries. Elvira entrusted Brenda with Lord Bruce Blackwell's reintroduction to society and Brenda adopted him as her childe.

When Micky's childe Sarah Hamilton went to Nashville to kill her insane Brujah brother, Brenda and Bruce went after her to help. Christina Strong also happened to be in Nashville with Luke Thompson and Lena Stockton searching for Jason Kline. Brenda helped Christina find Jason before returning to Salem.

A few years later Brenda was out with her friends when she met Rafael Brown. The attraction was mutual and instantaneous. When Rafe saved her life from Michael's ghoul, she had to feed him blood to save his. One thing led to another and he became her ghoul.

Michael apparently returned to town with a Sabbat pack that wanted to take over. Brenda was devastated that he had returned to her in this way, but eventually she learned that his soul had been "body switched" and that the Michael she knew wasn't really a traitorous fiend, he was just a jerk. Although Michael wanted to reestablish their relationship, Brenda knew it was too late for them. She sent him back to LA and agreed to marry Rafe. They were married a year later at Micky’s estate on the ocean, and spent their honeymoon in Las Vegas with Brenda’s father.

Everything might have turned out happily ever after if it wasn’t for Christina’s penchant for noble causes. She disappeared one evening from her bedroom and was tracked to Detroit. While searching for a way to get her sister back, Brenda was reunited with Michael once more.

Things got even more complicated when Rafe was captured by the Sabbat and was seriously injured before they could rescue him. Michael was surprisingly supportive during the crisis, and afterwards returned to LA. Worried about Rafe and bitter toward Christina, Brenda returned to Salem to take care her husband.

Months later after a slip up in her dealing with Malcolm Robbins, Brenda was forced to return to Detroit to oversee Tina's return to the clan. After learning to be a friend to Tina once more, Brenda was devastated when her husband was killed and Tina fell into a torpor like state. Brenda had barely gotten Rafe adjusted to becoming a vampire when Tina woke, Christina once more, but not really whole.

Brenda and her family have returned to Salem in the hope that both Rafe and Christina could adjust to their new lives. It took some time for Christina to return to ‘normal’ and when she did she returned to Las Vegas. Brenda and Rafe realized their marriage would not survive his embrace and settled for an amicable divorce.