Bruce Blackwell - Tremere

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“I have been one acquainted with the night
I have walked out in rain - and back in rain
I have out walked the furthest city light”

Robert Frost - Acquainted With the Night
Bruce was born before William invaded England. The first William. He was a warrior who lived by the word of God, often taking in travelers with no other place to call home. Duncan Masters was one such traveler, and he and Bruce became close friends.

During a battle, Bruce was forcibly embraced by a Lasombra who he quickly found and diablerized. He returned home, traveling at night and killing animals to survive. When he finally arrived at his castle, his wife saw to it that he was protected, and helped Bruce to understand that his embrace was the will of God.

For many years Bruce and his wife traveled Europe, often visiting or traveling with Duncan. Eventually Lady Blackwell fell ill and Duncan once more returned to his friends side to aide him through her death. Afterward, Bruce and Duncan lost touch.

During one of the major battles for England, Bruce fell into torpor. His family took his body home and preserved it, even taking it to America when they immigrated before the revolution. Many years later Rachael Black, the priestess of the Black Rose Coven, asked Brenda Thompson to assist in a ritual and the Kindred's blood was what Bruce needed to rise from the ground. Brenda adopted him and taught him everything he needed to know about modern life.

Sarah Hamilton, Bruce's great, great, uh... granddaughter, was also forcibly embraced and when she went to Nashville to kill her insane Brujah brother, Bruce and Brenda followed to help. Bruce has made many friends in both Nashville and Salem. Rachael has just learned exactly what he is, and he is now staying with her.