Eddie Lane - Tremere Ghoul

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“The lessons that you taught me
I learned were never true”

Linkin Park – Runaway
Eddie Lane was the son of a wealthy family in Charleston, West Virginia. His whole life he was given things and pretty soon he expected everything to be handed to him. He fell in with a disreputable crowd, and began serious drug use. By the time he was twenty three, he was a useless playboy. It was during this time in his life he met Kate Hepburn.

Kate got Eddie sober, but then hooked him on another drug, a stronger one. Her blood was better than anything he’d ever thought about buying on the streets. She twisted his head around until he believed that it was his idea to leave his family, his idea to join the Marines. Kate kept him supplied with care packages that included her blood, and for six years Eddie stayed happy, far away from what his life had been.

When he got out of the service, Kate was waiting for Eddie. She took him to Corbin, Kentucky, a small town just off I-75, and left him there. She visited from time to time, but over the years he began to believe that she was simply making sure he stayed out of the way.

Six years in the Marines had changed Eddie. He was no longer content to live the high life of the idle rich, so he wasn’t tempted to go home. Eventually he befriended one of the local police officers, and decided to join the force.

Kate’s blood gave Eddie abilities that helped him uphold the law. Dominate and Potence helped keep the bad guys in line, and soon Eddie was up for chief of police. Kate didn’t seem to care what Eddie did, as long as he stayed in Corbin. She seemed to find it amusing that he was trying to live a normal life.

She was amused, that was, until Kate discovered that one of Eddie’s one night stands had borne him a child. She was a little too excited about it, and insisted that she meet the nine-year-old girl. Before Eddie knew what was happening, Kate had convinced him she could give the child a better life and disappeared with her. The mother turned up dead.

That incident was the turning point for Eddie. For years her blood had bound him to her, now it was fear. He lived in constant terror that Kate would hurt his daughter. Kate brought pictures to him once in a while, but he knew that if he tried anything stupid, Kate would kill her.

Eddie felt Kate’s death in 1999, and was instantly filled with a mixture of relief and fear. He knew Kate could no longer reach him, but he feared for his daughter’s life. He resigned from his job and set out to find her. Remembering some of the things Kate had said when she was alive, he began his search in Florida. His police ties enabled him to track her through many cities, including Salem and Pittsburgh. Eventually his search led him to Flint where he found his daughter.

Realizing that she did not remember him, he decided to stay out of her life. He knew she was better off not knowing what Kate had really been, but he hated the thought that the detective Jimmy Price might have died looking for them. Following Jimmy’s trail was harder, but eventually he ended up back in Salem, where Cormac re-ghouled him.

When Cormac was killed a few weeks later, Eddie helped Eliza escape the Tremere before James took him in.