Elvira Van Dorn - Tremere

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I have the same goal Ive had ever since I was a girl. I want to rule the world.

Madonna Louise Ciccione
Elvira Van Dorn began life as a native of Africa. She was about to be married when she was captured and brought to the New World on a slaving ship. On the ship, she began having visions, both of the future, and of the village she left behind. She was sold into slavery, and had several harsh masters before she was purchased by Ford Radek.

Ford recognized Elvira's gift and freed her, teaching her to become a woman of society at a time when no black woman was accepted into it. When the time was right he embraced her, and she found that she had a place in society after all.

Shortly after her embrace, Elvira broke one of the cardinal rules of the Kindred; she embraced for love. Akari had been her mortal lover, but when he became a vampire, he was not satisfied by the rules of the Camarilla. Within a few years he abandoned his sire and left Salem.

Elvira worked her way up through the ranks of the clan, and eventually earned herself the Primogen seat, where she looked after her people and the city's interest as best she could. Beth was a hard prince to live under if you were not of her blood, but Elvira managed mostly because Ford was too important to the clan for Beth to risk harming his childe. Elvira even managed to gain permission to embrace Micky George, who was her lover for years and her trusted friend until his final death.

When Beth was killed, Elvira jumped at the chance to take over the city. She embraced a hunter, Zane Hughes, and took him as a lover, but as with Akari, embracing Zane had been a mistake. He was too unpredicable, too resentful of his embrace to be controlled, or even trusted. She had him killed around the time she killed the Brujah Primogen.

Elvira tries to rule fairly, but she knows that she must be strong. She has continued to limit the population of other clans in the city, which has caused some resentment, but nothing she has been unable to handle. She relies heavily on Ford and Alden, who became the Tremere Primogen when Elvira became Prince.

A few years ago Elvira took a newly embraced Tremere as her lover. James Price is not of her bloodline, and so she has hope that this relationship will not lead to disaster. Now that all of her childer are dead, she is contemplating embracing another.