Howie Durough - Tremere Ghoul

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“You’re the only one I can think of
You’re the only one I see”

Jack Wagner – All I Need
Howie Durough met Rafe Brown at College in New York. They developed a circle of friends that were very close and lasted long after they left College. Howie became a literary agent working at one of the larger companies in New York, but he wasn't really happy there. When an opportunity came to open a small firm with Rafe in Salem, he jumped at the idea.

He was happy that Rafe had found a woman to love in Brenda, and spent the next year trying not to wonder why he never saw her during the day or why she and Rafe were sometimes very mysterious. The truth came out when Brenda asked him to become her ghoul, like Rafe was.

Howie was unprepared for the way the blood made him feel toward Brenda. He'd always thought she was attractive, but after he became her ghoul, she was all he could think about. It took a few months, but by playing on Rafe's bisexuality, he managed to get into Brenda's bed. The fact that Rafe was there as well didn't bother him a bit. As it turned out, Howie enjoyed the new closeness with his best friend almost as much as he enjoyed being intimate with Brenda.

When Brenda and Rafe adopted a son, Matthew, Howie took over care of the child for the first six months he was with them when Brenda was ordered to Detroit to help care for her sister Christina, who had recently returned to the Tremere fold.

Things became a bit harder after Rafe was killed and rose a vampire. Howie not only had to adjust to Rafe's new status, they all had to deal with Christina's fragile mental state when they all returned to Salem.