James Price - Tremere

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James lived in Flint all his life, and his parents died when he was young. He was raised in foster homes and was a little wild until a very nice cop took him under his wing. James got himself together, finished school, met a nice young lady, and got married. They opened a private eye firm and she ran the office while he did the legwork. Unfortunately, his wife died of ovarian cancer during their second year of marriage.

After his wife's death James became more and more disenchanted with life. He’d started looking for unusual jobs to work on, and letting some parts of the business slide. A part of him was hoping that eventually he’d take the wrong case and join his wife.

He ended up taking the wrong case all right, but not in the way he’d planned. A woman looking for her mother hired him and during his investigation he learned too much about the Kindred in Salem. Rather than risk the Masquerade, the prince of the city instructed Cormac Brennan to embrace him.

Without memories of his wife to overshadow his new life, James threw himself into his training. He had a little bit of trouble getting along with Eliza Gentry, Cormac’s ghoul and lover, but eventually they were able to smooth things out.

Shortly after his embrace, Elvira Van Dorn, the city’s Tremere Prince, took a bit of an interest in James. After months of escorting her to Elysium events and personal training from the prince, they became lovers. Being the prince’s puppy is a difficult road to walk, but James is sure he can handle it.

When Cormac was killed, James took over as Sheriff of the city, and took on Eddie Lane as his ghoul. A few years later, he also ghouled Jake Thornton.