Jared Smith - Dreamspeaker

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ďIíve had enough of danger and people on the streets
Iím looking for angels just trying to find some peaceĒ

George Michaels - One More Try
Jared was raised in a very wealthy family, although he was very much the outsider in their Baltimore home. He ran away after his Awakening and lived on the streets for several months until Glenn Johnson found him and taught him the medicine of Dreamspeakers. Jared lived at the brownstone with Glenn and many other mages for many years.

When Glenn and the others started hunting vampires, Jared joined them. He never felt the burning need to kill them that the others did, but according to the Dreamspeaker Tradition they were unnatural and needed to be destroyed so Jared was willing to do so.

After the vampires broke up their hunting ring by killing or embracing most of the hunters, Glenn, Bobby and Jared sought them out and destroyed every one they could find. The slaughter was too much for Jared. Although he accompanied Glenn and Bobby when they left Baltimore, he soon left their company and set out on his own.

Jared traveled through the southern states for a few years before finding himself in Boston. He joined a chantry there, but wasnít really happy. On a day trip to Salem he met Rachael Black and they bonded instantly. Rachael asked him to help her start a chantry in Salem and he jumped at the chance. Together they began the Black Rose Coven, a group of thirteen mage and hedge magicians who study magic together.

The deaths of his friends were heavy on Jaredís soul and he swore that he would never hunt again, not even for vengeance. To this day Jared has horrible nightmares about the raids in Baltimore.

Jared met Summer Walker soon after he moved to Salem, but it wasnít until a few years ago that they started dating. She is of a different Mage tradition, but they both enjoy the discussions they have on magic and medicine. The only obstacle to their relationship is his past, which Jared refuses to talk about.

There are many vampires in Salem, but Jared has made every effort to let bygones be bygones, even when one of them appeared to the coven as the Goddess herself. By this time Jared had learned that even vampires have powerful magic, and he knew there was much the coven could learn from Brenda Thompson.

When Summer asked him to mentor a newly awakened Dreamspeaker, Jared jumped at the chance, never realizing that the girl was Mac and Elizaís daughter. Jared feels honored to be the one training Corrine about her tradition. He vowed to keep her from following in her parentís footsteps as far as hunting is concerned, and did his best to teach her the ways of peace that he had been living for the last twenty years.

After Mac's death and Eliza's disappearence, Jared agreed that it would be best for Corrine to learn from her family. When she came to him asking for help in solving the riddle of Joel's future, he willingly agreed to help. He has been trying to track down the pieces of the puzzle required to save Joel's life.