Joseph Edwards - Tremere

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“I got nothing to loose
Nothing but you”

Kim Ferron - Nothing But You
Joseph came from a rich London family. He attended all the best schools, and excelled as a rugby player. His parents spent a lot of time traveling with work and vacations, so Joseph and his brother usually got to do whatever they wanted, within reason. Their nanny was more like their mom than their real mother was; she was there for anything.

He won scholarships to Oxford University where he studied law. While at school he and Victoria met and they became friends. Eventually their relationship deepened, but it didn’t last and they grew apart.

After Joseph got his degree, he took a position with what he thought was a decent law firm in London. The firm looked reputable from almost anyone’s point of view, but its shady dealings with some mob members and others made Joseph very uncomfortable. When things started leaking about the clients and some of the internal dealings, they mistakenly suspected Joseph. He was let go after nine years of service with letters of recommendation. Joseph was more than happy to leave, and found a new career in security working as a bodyguard.

About a year later at a class reunion he met up with Victoria again. She had changed a lot since the last time he had seen her, she seemed to have done well in life and it suited her well. They became friends again, going out and talking quite a bit. He told her all that had happened over the last few years and all though it had all turned out pretty good he wasn’t all that happy.

Joseph told Victoria that he needed a change, and she asked him to come work for her, to be her personal bodyguard. Eventually she revealed to him that she was a vampire, but he was neither shocked nor horrified. He was intrigued by her new status, and agreed to become her ghoul.

He served her well for many years. When she moved to Salem, he was happy to go. There he met Cordelia, ghoul of Victoria’s new lover. Cordelia and Joseph fell in love, and decided to get married. She was expecting their first child when Joseph was killed by a demon.

Luckily Victoria had performed a ritual that ensured Joseph would come back a vampire. He is now Tremere, and once their child was born, he took over as Cordelia’s Domitor.