Rachael Black - Verbena

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“Scars are souvenirs you never lose The past is never far”

Goo Goo Dolls – Name
Rachael was born and raised in Salem. In her late teens, Rachael Awakened. Rachael's mother was a powerful mage and passed down many things to her daughter. One thing she passed was the necessity to perform a ritual in the back yard of their home every month on the full moon. At midnight a ceremonial goblet of blood was poured down a tube into the ground. No one living knew that the blood went straight into the mouth of a vampire.

After her mother's death Rachael joined up with Jared Smith to form the Black Rose Coven in Salem. A few years later, Brenda Thompson appeared to the coven and most of them assumed she was the Goddess incarnate. Rachael and Brenda became good friends.

One fateful night, Brenda joined the coven in performing the monthly ritual and up from the ground crawled Lord Bruce Blackwell, Rachael's ancestor. The family had kept his body preserved until he awakened from torpor.

Rachael didn’t question what Bruce was, she simply accepted that he was her ancestor come back to life. When she and several others were attacked by vampires at Mother Abigail’s, Rachael finally learned that Bruce was a vampire. It took some explaining, but she accepted that being a vampire didn’t make him evil.