Rafe Brown - Tremere

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“Your hand in mine, I will be brave.
Take me from this earth.”

Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses (A Death in the Family)
Rafe's parents died when he was twelve, leaving him and his five-year-old sister Samantha to live with their Uncle Alec in Salem. He and his cousin Brian were very protective of Samantha until they went to college in New York. After graduation, Rafe got a job at a large publishing firm where he was very successful until he was fired for dating the boss' son. Yes, the boss’ son. Rafe had discovered in college that he was bisexual.

Rafe returned to Salem and moved in with Samantha, who was living in their childhood home. A few nights later he met Brenda and knew instantly that she was different, and not just because she was a vampire. He followed her home and saved her life, then agreed to accept her blood and become her ghoul. He was apprehensive when Michael returned to town until Brenda assured him that she was past that point in her life. After a few tense moments of jealousies and misunderstandings, Rafe realized that Brenda was over Michael.

Brenda made him the happiest man in Salem when she agreed to be his bride. They were married a year later in a beach wedding that was the event of the season. After the wedding they took their honeymoon in Las Vegas so Rafe could meet Brenda’s dying father.

Soon after their return to Salem, Brenda and Rafe followed Christina to Detroit where they attempted to return her to the bosom of her family. Unfortunately, the Sabbat showed up as well and captured Rafe. He suffered many tortures before Brenda and Michael were able to rescue him.

Rafe wasn't real happy when Brenda first ghouled Howie, but after he adjusting he was grateful that Howie has joined their family. With the addition of Matty, his life was complete, or it would be if it weren't for Tina Andrews. Forced to spend six months in Detroit helping to retrain Tina and her ghouls, Rafe was mortally wounded when her ex-mentor came for her. It was difficult for him to accept being Kindred, especially when facing Christina’s insanity at every turn.

Eventually Rafe and Brenda realized that their marriage wasn’t working and Rafe moved out. He has turned his attentions back to Nick Kennedy, his college sweetheart.