Victoria Monroe - Tremere

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“That which is dreamed can never be lost, can never be undreamed”

Master Li - The Quotable Sandman
Victoria’s father came from ‘old money’ in Boston. Her parents met one summer when her mother was vacationing in America. A year or so later, they married and moved to England, where they lived until after Victoria’s first birthday. They returned to Boston and remained there until after her father died when she was ten. Victoria does not know how her father died, or even if he is really dead, but she remembers her mother telling her that he died.

While both her parents were mages, Victoria never Awakened. She went to school at Cambridge and graduated at the top of her class. At school she met Joseph, and while she wanted their relationship to develop into something more than friendship, but it wasn’t until some years later that they became serious. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out and they drifted apart.

Over the years, three friends that helped them out from time to time visited Victoria and her mother. Augustus, Dougal and Alexis showed up once or twice a month to visit, but only in the evenings. Victoria had no idea what these people really were, but they helped her mother learn new things and gain new powers.

Victoria returned home from school to find that Augustus was a vampire and had embraced her mother. A few months later, Alexis offered the embrace to Victoria. She ended a long-term relationship and accepted the offer.

She met Joseph again at a school reunion, and talked him into coming to work for her. Eventually she revealed her true nature to him, and he agreed to become her ghoul. He traveled with her when she relocated to Salem.

Shortly after arriving in her new city, Victoria met Angel, the only local Caitiff. Something about him seemed to spark her memory, and after some discussion and a number of dreams they realized that they had spent many lifetimes together. Of course few if any of those lifetimes had ended happily, but that didn’t stop the two of them from trying once more.