Antonio Moreno - Tremere

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“I know nothing of God or the devil. I have never seen a vision nor learned a secret that would save or condemn my soul.”

Armand - Interview With The Vampire
Antonio was born over five hundred years ago in Spain. He came to America with Chris, Columbus that is. He traveled the new world and eventually settled in Las Vegas where he became involved romantically with Idella, the Tremere Primogen of Las Vegas. During a trip to the home country, he came across Estrea Moreno and cared for as his own childe until she found a Ventrue to adopt her.

In 1992 he found a young Kindred roaming Las Vegas with no memories of her former life or her embrace. He took Christina in and adopted her as his childe. They became very close and he taught her well.

A few years later he saw another young Kindred roaming the streets of Vegas who also had no idea of the Masquerade. He took Michael in and taught him about the traditions that rule Camarilla society. When a clan neonate left town with some ancient texts and Michael and Antonio were dispatched to find him. They were in a big battle with some Brujah and Antonio was hurt badly by Protean claws. When he awakened, he found that Michael had killed Piston.

Antonio sought permission from the council to embrace Michael’s ghoul, Brenda. They traveled to Vienna where he gave her his blood, the first time he had ever done so. They returned to America in time to help Christina and Jason Kline stop an evil plot in San Francisco.

Graves asked Michael and Antonio to come to LA when the Brujah and Gangrel clans threatened to overthrow his rule. Antonio stayed in the city for several years before returning to Idella and Las Vegas.

Antonio is very fond of his chider Christina and Brenda. He doesn’t understand their need to marry the men they love, but as they are his daughters, he accepts what will make them happy.

He was very concerned about Christina when she lost her memory yet again. Unfortunately his duties did not allow him to go to her rescue. He did make arrangements for her to be returned to the clan, and traveled to Detroit to help retrain her in the art of being Tremere.

When she regained her memory, he made sure that she and Brenda stayed out of the clan wars developing in Detroit by seeing them home to Salem. Eventually he talked Christina into moving back to Las Vegas so he could help her regain her equilibrium. Nearly a year later he gave his blessing for her to move to LA to be with Jason.