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“It is with true love as it is with ghosts: The whole world speaks of it, but few have seen it”

François De La Rochefoucauld
Brieanna Kellie Hartwick was born the younger of two children to an upper class family in the suburbs of Chicago. Her father, Edward is the CEO of a major corporation and her mom, Andrea, owns her own business in their town. Edward and Andrea were college sweethearts and married shortly after graduating. Within a year they had a son, Blake. Two years later Brieanna was born.

They had the normal suburban family lifestyle. Brieanna grew up and went away to college at Notre Dame for international business. The summer before the first year of college she and Blake spent the summer touring Europe, it was the summer before his wedding and they thought that they should spend one last great time together before things changed.

She excelled in school getting many scholarships to pay her way through school, not that the money was a problem. In her final year of school she received several job offers from around the country and finally decided on one in San Francisco managing a group or art galleries.

Upon moving to San Francisco Brieanna quickly became friends with Russell, with whom she works, and his boyfriend Patrick. The three of them quickly became friends. In the fall of 2000, Brieanna gave birth to a baby girl. The child is hers and Russell’s. She agreed to invitro fertilization for him and Patrick. She is helping them raise the child as well.

It was also in San Francisco that her power to see and talk to ghosts appeared. It has proven itself useful many times, by helping catch a killer and leading someone towards the light. It took some time but eventually she got the hang of it and can basically pick and choose when to talk to a ghost instead of having to talk with them all of the time.

Brieanna hasn’t had the most exciting love life. There had been a few boyfriends but never that ‘perfect’ one. Her work and school had always been in the fore front of her life, not leaving much room for else in her life. Up until recently it was never a major thought.

Then she met Dylan, who was perfect for her. He even stuck around after she was forcibly embraced, and moved with her to Las Vegas where, together with Russell, they are raising her daughter.