Caitlyn Rose Lee - Toreador

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"Faith has been broken, tears must be cried
Let's do some living after we die"

The Rolling Stones - Wild Horses
Caitlynís father was an American Army Sergeant in Viet Nam who died shortly before she was born and her mother was a village girl who died giving birth to her. She was raised in a French orphanage until she was seven where she was picked on because she was very small. A man from the nearby village took pity on her and began to train her in Judo.

A Chinese couple from San Francisco adopted her and brought her to America. Caitlyn was not accepted well by either Asian or White children and she was an outcast in school. The martial arts kept her attention and she excelled at it learning many other forms. Her heroes were Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. She cleaned a dojo to help pay for her studies and began competing in tournaments when she was nine. She won many more than she lost and eventually earned black belts in several martial arts forms.

When she was seventeen Sabrina, a Toreador, and Jeff, her Garou boyfriend, saw her performing at a tournament. Sabrina admired her style and embraced her. Caitlyn told her parents that she was going to study at a Paris dojo and she has since lost contact with them. She still attends tournaments regularly but no longer competes in them.

Sabrina is a recluse painter who lives on the outskirts of Las Vegas with Jeff and Ducky, her other childe. Although Caitlyn owns her own home, she still visits her sire at least every other night and often stays the day there. Sabrina has molded the four of them into a family, the closest that Caitlyn has ever known. It doesnít even bother her to be Blood Bound to Sabrina.

Caitlyn practices the martial arts with Jeff and occasionally sings in Duckyís band. During a recent trip to New Orleans, she met a Garou from Oklahoma City that she would like to develop a relationship with. Sabrina has given her blessing to the idea.