Carla Cordelone - Ventrue

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“Broken promises are no worse than words never said”

Sheryl Crow – Abilene
Carla Michelle Blair was the product of an affair between a mobster and her mother, Annemarie. When Annemarie realized she was pregnant, she fled to Santa Rosa, California, just north of San Francisco. Carla was raised believing her father was dead. After a fairly normal childhood, she went to LA in her late teens to try and get into acting. About the time she realized she hated it and really wasn’t very good at it, her mother died in a car accident. She returned home to Santa Rosa only to find among her mothers things letters information about her father.

She followed the leads to Las Vegas looking for him, only to find that he was dead. A friend of her mother’s helped her find her brother, Cross Cordelone. After some initial hesitation, Cross double checked her story and accepted her as a part of the family, although some of the other Cordelones were not so generous. Because she has a knack for languages, she went to work in one of the family’s legitimate businesses, never once suspecting that they were mobsters.

Through her work as an interpreter, Carla met and fell in love with Mark Donovan. Their relationship was nearly a storybook romance for nearly a year. Though both were busy professionals, they had lunch often and managed so spend at least three nights a week together. Carla was just beginning to think that she loved Mark when her world changed nearly overnight.

Nick Smitts, a member of the rival Luchiano family, wanted to stop Cross from investing in a new Casino, and he knew the only way to stop him was to kidnap Carla, and in the process revealed that the Cordelones were a Mafia family, run by Cross. Through her many attempts to escape, she managed to draw Nick’s admiration and interest. During her second day with the Luchianos, Carla and Nick had sex.

Once returned to her family, Carla hoped to forget all about Nick, but unfortunately he wouldn’t let her. One day while she was out shopping with Mark, Nick showed up in a changing room, and insisted she agree to meet him. Carla kept the appointment hoping to convince Nick she wanted nothing more to do with him. Unfortunately, her response to his touch left no doubt in either of their minds that Carla could not tell Nick no.

Feeling guilty and helpless, Carla went on a business trip with Mark. During the course of their stay in LA, Mark disappeared. Within a week of her return to Vegas, Carla was attacked by a vampire and embraced. Her sire hoped to use Carla to gain influence with the Cordelones, but he underestimated the family bond between Carla and Cross, and was destroyed.

Adopted by Tori, Carla struggled to find meaning in her life as a vampire. Many Cordelones made the transition difficult, but Cross stuck by her, making his house safe for her to stay in, and training her in the ways of the family.

She was still struggling when Nick turned up yet again, claiming that her vampirism had no bearing on their relationship, and vowed that he would not let her deny the passion that they shared.

Eventually she knew she had to tell her brother the truth. He was livid, throwing her out of the house. She ran to Nick, but in the end their families came between them yet again. Carla returned to the arms of her brother, while Nick did what he could to stay away from her.