Carmen Gutierrez - Sorcerer

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“Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself.”

Harvey Fierstein
Carmen Gutierrez was born in Mexico, where her grandfather was a well respected Brujo in their community. When Carmen began manifesting some of her grandfather’s abilities at the age of four, her parents, strict Catholics who didn’t approve of any type of witchcraft, decided to bring Carmen and her brother Enric to America. Unfortunately they didn’t listen when Carmen warned them that something bad would happen on the crossing and Enric was killed during the journey.

The Gutierrez family settled into one of the poorer sections of LA where Carmen grew up experiencing the poor health care and racism that was rampant in that community. She decided at a young age that she wanted to be a doctor, but once she found how just how expensive medical school is, she changed her mind, and her major, and focused on becoming a nurse, which doesn’t take near the amount of schooling or money and will allow her to use her psychic healing to help her patients.

Carmen was happy to find a group of other young people who also had special abilities and quickly became friends with Ashton Williams and Barb Nelson. She dated off and on, and in the middle of her senior year ended a relationship with a boy who slept with one of the girls in her dorm. The situation made her realize that she wasn’t really in love with the guy. She was really attracted to Scott Matthews, one of the other men in the Magika Heira Coven.

Not long after Carmen’s revelation about Scott, she began having dreams of a vampire lover. She dismissed them as fantasies of her sleeping mind until she ran into Luke Thomas one night on campus. He was everything she’d dreamed of and more, but she still couldn’t get Scott off her mind. Another vision showed her what might be possible if the three of them began a polyamorous relationship.

The coven came to the aid of the city’s Camarilla vampires against the Yakuza, which drew the enemy’s attention to certain members of the coven. Carmen had a vision of being held captive with another person and Luke rescuing them. With Luke’s help, Scott attempted to find out more of her vision, and in the process ended up realizing that the three of them were meant to be together.

When Carmen and Scott were kidnapped by the Yakuza, he was nearly killed by the overzealous guards who were determined to keep the more dangerous of the two from working magic. Luke saved them, just as Carmen had foreseen, and so began their love affair.

Carmen’s precognitive visions are completely uncontrollable, acting something like an epileptic seizure when they occur while she’s awake. Because of this, she is unwilling to drive unless in a dire emergency. Carmen is skilled at several types of fortune telling, and is able to make side money using that talent. Her resonance manifests as a whirling or spinning sensation.