Scott Matthews - Order of Hermes

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“Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself.”

Harvey Fierstein
Scott Matthews was born and raised in a working class family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He worked very hard in high school and received a full scholarship to UCLA. Before he could graduate, however, his family discovered that he was bisexual and kicked him out of the house. He had a few scary nights on the streets when he couldn’t stay with a friend, but managed to finish high school and get himself to LA to attend college. Like his cousin Meg Carmichael, Scott has vowed never to return to Pennsylvania.

Because of the experience with his less than understanding family, Scott is an advocate for young GLBTQ people and volunteers for various organizations that help them whenever he can. He is very driven to do well in school where he is in his last year of a Bachelor’s degree in Art History and French.

Early in years at college he had a class with Professor Henry Barnes who offered him a job talking about magic. Through Henry, Scott came to realize that he had abilities, magical abilities, and that there were others like him. Scott and Henry have become close friends.

In the middle of his senior year, Scott discovered that his cousin Cordelia was living in LA. He discovered that she was a vampire, and had changed her name to Meg Carmichael to distance herself from her past. She seemed proud that he had gotten out from under the family thumb, and agreed to get to know him once more.

When Meg asked for help dealing with the Yakuza, Scott and the rest of the coven agreed to do what they could. While working with the vampires, Scott met Luke Thomas and was immediately drawn to the man. The feeling seemed mutual, but Scott did notice that Carmen drew Luke’s attention as well.

While trying to find out more about one of Carmen’s precognitive visions, Scott learned that she’d been having a lot of visions of Luke, visions filled with pleasure, sex and blood. In one of those visions Scott realized that Carmen had seen herself having sex with more than one lover, and that he was the other lover.

When Carmen and Scott were kidnapped by the Yakuza, he was nearly killed by the overzealous guards who were determined to keep the more dangerous of the two from working magic. Luke saved them, just as Carmen had foreseen, and so began their love affair.

Scott is an Order of Hermes Mage and his resonance is heat.